• Studded snow tires provide extra safety.

  • Tire studs increase traction for winter “go.”

  • Tire studs reduce vehicle stopping distance for safety.


Studded tires on wet ice are 30 percent better than winter studless tires in braking and 50 percent better than winter studless tires in acceleration!

If you need snow tires, get them on early in the season. Studdd tires on all four wheels offer extra effectiveness on ice. Chains provide even better traction for severe snow and ice. Buy studded snow tires before the snow starts to fly.

*Bridgestone Blizzak and Michelin Maxi-ice are registered tradenames of Bridgestone and Michelin

*Test data provided by TeKnikens Vard in Sweden and TeKnikans Maailma in Finland – 1999

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