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Located in Denver, Colo., Go Green Tires is a family-owned and -operated business. We have become the go-to used tire shop for thousands of Coloradans, and now we proudly ship our high-quality used tires across the United States to customers who want to live greener and save money.

Our goal is to provide you with the right tires for your vehicle at an affordable price through fast and friendly service—all while keeping the environment in mind. By purchasing our top-rate used tires and recycling your old tires with us, you help Go Green Tires keep unnecessary waste out of junkyards and landfills, and help keep the air cleaner and landscapes clearer for generations to come. We’re going green the automotive way!

Customer Reviews:

kelley f. 3/13/12 on Yelp
Overall 5 / 5
Shocked… sssshocked, I say at their prices! I was totally dreading purchasing new tires for the minivan (shut up!), as last time around it made a mess of $800. Thankfully, blessedly, karma smiling on me, I met the owner through my business. Dude, seriously… minivan and Turbo Volvo- new tires for both… less than $500.00. That’s everything that goes with purchasing tires, too. And, done in less than an hour.

And, they’re nice. And… they don’t try to rip you off. They give you options, they show you the product, and they stand back and let you be the one to decide. We found out that both cars had the wrong sized tires on them (yes, I researched this and yes they were correct). It didn’t cost us any extra, because tires that were the same size as what was already on there, were the same price. Discount had sold us the wrong sized tires previously. Um, thanks! Since putting the right size on, my mileage has gotten better! Bonus!

Less than $500… eight tires… two cars… tires so new they still had those little nubs on them. Tires so new they still are black.

Mo C. 11/15/10 on Yelp
Overall 5 / 5
This place can save you big on your next set of tires while reducing landfill waste!

I bought a Groupon or some such thing for a Tire Rotation & Balance at Go Green Tires. I made an appointment and was given an accurate estimate of how long it would take to get this service done (45min) Other automotive places have given me very inaccurate time estimates and caused me problems in the past, so this was much appreciated!

While I was waiting, another patron filled me in on what this place is all about. Apparently, when people get in car accidents and total their cars, their insurance replaces their cars and trashes the wrecked car. This place buys the used tires (sometimes they are practically brand new) at an extreme discount and resells and installs them for new consumers. You can get really good, quality tires for half of what they would cost you new. They carry new tires as well, to ensure they have the right sizes etc. available.

The folks here were very professional, they didn’t try to upsell me. They just let me know the status of my tires when I brought them in, what they had done and gave me a heads up that my tires would be fine through winter, but I should probably take a look at replacing them in the Spring. I will definitely be back when I need replacement tires. This is such a fantastic way to save some moolah and save some room in the landfills!

Sally Gifford reviewed 8 months ago on Google
Overall 3 / 3
I will never go anywhere else for tires! The tires I bought for my Toyota Rav had about 90% tread left on them and were only $275 for all of them mounted and balanced. I had a lot of questions and the owner took 30 minutes out of his day to patiently answer my questions and give me options. He never tried to up sell me and was honest and straight forward. I have never gotten customer service like this at any of the large corporate shops and the tires are just as good as anything I would have gotten at the corporate store. Nothing like saving money and getting awesome service too. I will tell EVERYONE to go here.

A Google User reviewed 10 months ago
Overall 3 / 3
It’s great to get a good deal. I just got 4 tires for my Suburban. They’re used tires so they cost much less than new but looking at the tires they’re like brand new. Totally satisfied. The guys there were great too. No b.s., no trying to upsell me some tire warranty or something more than I needed.

Google User reviewed 10 months ago
Overall 3 / 3
I was very impressed by the service: prompt and friendly! I got for good used tires for an exceptional price. No up selling, no double talk, no B.S. They have me exactly what I wanted for the price we agreed to on the phone and it was a nice experience. I recommend them to anyone that needs tires and I’ll use them again in a heartbeat!

Google User reviewed 10 months ago
Overall 3 / 3
I’ve done business with these guys for a long time and known them even longer. Always the best and always straight up. You will not be disappointed…I never have been.

Google User reviewed 11 months ago
Overall 3 / 3
These guys are awesome. I got 4 used tires the look new for about 40 per tire lower than if I bought new tires. Great tire place for people on a budget.

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